Rainbows Remembered

- Vison
Honorable Mention for the Colors of Middle-earth Poetry Contest

Remember, Mr. Frodo, how the sun set all scarlet
That day?  And the fireworks and the lights,
And dancing under the great yellow moon?

I remember the dark, Sam, and the way the light
Changed.  The ring was gold, and the fire red,
And it grew cold, and I grew afraid.

Remember, Mr. Frodo, how Goldberry's gown
Was all shot with silver, and the green water
Poured down over the rocks?

I remember the night, Sam, and the grey fog
On the downs.  The rocks were cold
And the sky was pale as bone.

Remember, Mr. Frodo, when we came to Rivendell?
The golden light in the Hall of Fire,
And my lady Arwen's sable hair?

I remember the white scar on my shoulder
And the black of the wraiths, Sam.
I remember Elrond's eyes, gone dark with pain.

Remember, Mr. Frodo, how the torches shone in Moria?
And the glowing light on Gandalf's staff,
And his blue hat ahead of us?

I remember the flame of the Balrog, Sam,
The scarlet fury of his wrath, and the scaly green
Of the troll's arm as he stabbed me.

O, Mr. Frodo, remember Lorien?  And the Lady?
All gold and silver, and the tender green
Of the grass on Cerin Amroth?

I remember the mithril mirror, Sam, and her eyes.
I remember her white gown.   But then we left,
Down grey Anduin, between black walls.

Remember, Mr. Frodo, the flowers of Ithilien?
The high blue sky and the waters falling,
The rainbow curtain between us and the world?

I remember blood, Sam, red blood staining the earth,
And the brown and green cloaks of the men,
And Faramir's grey eyes stabbing me.

Remember, Mr. Frodo, the white stars at night?
Like diamonds above us, no colour and all colours,
The sky gone gold and pink at dawn?

I remember the Eye, Sam, red as fire,
And the mountain, and the ruby flames of the pit,
And the gold of the Ring, falling.

Remember the mithril crown, Mr. Frodo,
And the face of the king?   Sable and silver,
Blue skies over the White City.

I remember her eyes, Sam, Arwen's eyes,
When she bid farewell to her father.  
All the colour gone from her that day.

Remember the Sea, Mr. Frodo?   Grey water
Rolling away to that other land?
Green shores and white birds flying?

I remember, Sam.  I remember the colours
Coming back to my life.   The blackness gone,
The dark soft again, the day all rainbows.