The Palantiri

LotR Object: The seven palantiri

Seven stanzas of seven lines, for Seven Stones....
Of all the Noldor, the most subtle in mind and the most skilled in hand………Feanor.

Seven he made, seven the number of seeing.
Skill shaped them, and the wish to know.
Crystal they were, that might be ice
Or diamond, but was neither.
Thought and desire were their colour;
Their form was the globe of the Moon
That sails in the night sky.

The long Elven hands of Feanor
Held them and turned them about
And his heart burned with pride
That he had made them, caused them
To have a kind of life.
Windows on time and space
For those whose eyes could see.

Seven he made, the number of seeing.
Skill shaped them, and the wish to know.
Feanor, his subtle mind ever seeking,
Took up another task and put his hands
To shaping another kind of destiny.
He turned the stones out of his thought,
Let them roll like moons into darkness.

Of the seven one ruled all.
It waits yet, still and clear,
Unknowing of what might come,
Perfect in its quiet abiding.
The globe of seeing, a white flower
Glowing in its centre, the bloom
Not fading though ages pass.

The seven are parted, one from the other,
Their voiceless calls stilled.
No hands may now hold them,
Turn them about. Their orbits
Are motionless now, only circles
Where nothing turns, turns, turns
To the light of past or future.

They do not hold memories,
They are only openings to then .
They do not sing or speak,
But lie round and perfect somewhere,
Not waiting, but only being.
They did not feel the fire, nor the ice,
Nor any pain, nor any joy.

Should I find one, should my hands
Shape themselves around the cool crystal,
And I rubbed away the dust of ages,
And I held it to the light,
And my heart's longing sought...
Feanor! His fair Elven face,
And his eyes lighted with wonder....

- Vison