The New Sun

The yellow sun woke Sam. Beyond the house
The blue sky stretched away to the far hills,
And the rolling land lay green, rich with Spring.
He rose, and took himself and his pipe outdoors
And listened to the birds that sang for love.

Long ago on this day was the Field of Cormallen.
Sam remembers the sun through the leaves
And the King, and the minstrel’s song.
He remembers Frodo, and the high blue sky
And the shout of praise from the host.

The house awakes behind him, little feet
Come along the hall, a little voice calls “Dad”.
Just then Sam sighs. Was it not yesterday?
Where are they gone, the minstrel and the host?
Where is Frodo, and where is the King?

They are in the time long gone, gone as sure
As proud Numenor beneath the sea.
Somewhere they might walk, might sing.
Somewhere on a sea strand, a city of stone.
Not here, not where he lives, in the land of Now.

The Sam that heard the minstrel sing
Was young Sam that went walking
On the Quest. This Sam turns
And takes the child upon his knee.
This day is now under the new sun.
- Vison