Middle Earth Moment

Into the tunnel of greengold light,
Up the winding hill. Ahead of me creeps
Traffic, and each driver is tapping
The wheel in impatience, craning necks to see past.

I sigh and tap the wheel, too,
And think hard thoughts of the roadsweeper
Whose slow progress has brought
Our line of metal bugs crawling to a footpace.

Just then, glancing to my right,
I see a doe and fawn stepping, stepping
On dainty feet, into the shaft of light
That pierces the greengold woods.

They pause, they regard me with great dark eyes,
And then, in a heartbeat, they glide into the shade
Out of my sight. Their presence was a gift
In my morning. I sigh again, and the car creeps ahead.

But now my heart is lightened and I smile.
I glance again into the greengold woods.
Surely if I look deep enough I will see Frodo
And Sam and the others, coming down the hill.

Here is the Shire: great maples arching over,
Their rough bark hung with ferns;
Tender grass beneath, and the pale pink
Of Bleeding Hearts like little bells swaying.

Surely those are the prints of Hobbit feet?
See, here, where Frodo’s walking stick left
A tiny horseshoe shape? There! There they are.
Shadows going past, down the hill and away.
- Vison