A bit of wretched doggerel in honour of Mithrandir......

- Vison

Gandalf day is the twenty-fifth,
O, how my heart doth pound!
The words will flow and fill the boards
And all without a sound.

O, Pilgrim Gray we'll think of you
And wear our fingers down
Typing tales and verses of
The insights that we've found.

Your deeds we'll praise, your wisdom too,
Your fireworks and wit:
Your eyebrows more than likely will
Be apostrophized to bits.

Your pointed hat, your tattered robe,
Your sandals worn and shabby
Are precious to your loving fans.
So, please don't get too crabby --

We do mean well, we really do,
We don't mean to intrude,
Upon your well-earned resting place.
We don't mean to be rude.

To you no doubt we'll seem to be
A noisy bunch of pests.
Just let us give our love to you,
And you return to rest..