Magic Lanterns

Virtual life comes shivering alive,
Slithering and coiling across the minds
And computer screens of dreamers.

Wires and lasers and hands in gloves,
And myriad touches on empty air
Shape the monsters prowling in our dreams.

Flames are caught in nets of thought,
Gathered like fiery fish,
Then wrapped in blackness.

Nightmare landscapes form and things
Ooze down like blood seeping from a wound,
Clotting in horror deep in the earth.

Now beauty leaps to life,
Tears sting our eyes, our hearts swell.
We walk in wonder under ancient stars.

This is magic, to take words and mold them
Into motion.  Words whirling into shadows
Thrown flickering on waiting walls.

We sit in darkness willingly, unheeding of
The concrete world that lurks outside.
Reality is here, and love, and joy.
- Vison