The Lament of Arwen Evenstar

I walk now, gray robed, through the starlight.
Here are the trees. Gold and Silver.
Leaves falling, falling.

They're gone now. Gone to the West.
Just echoes. Nimrodel laments still.
My people, my long home.

The lawn. Star flowers at my feet.
We stood here. He kissed me.
My blood sang. My love!

Far off, the Tower, sun blazoned.
He ruled there, King of men.
I was his Queen. We lived in bliss.

King there, he sits enthroned.
My son. Beloved son. His father's eyes.
My father's hair. So beautiful.

The sea, beyond the Tower, in the West.
He stands, waves foaming at his feet.
A gull crying. He hears my voice.

The shadows come. I gather them around me
As his arms once held me. I lie where he stood.
Nimrodel singing, singing me to sleep.

- Vison