Goldberry, River Daughter

- Vison

My mother was the water-woman
Flowing, curving through the land.
My father was the wind.
He saw her, where she glided
Silver through the green fields,
Saw her where she laughed
And tumbled over rocks
Her hair the white foam.

His heart was moved to love her,
And the wind rippled the water
Where it flowed still and deep,
The wind tossed the spray
That was her hair, the wind
Caught his rough hands
In that sweet coolness
And followed her to the sea.

Daughter of the water-woman,
I played along the river banks
And watched the sun’s light
Pierce the green stillness.
I saw the wind bend the grasses
And ruffle the dark water
Where it flowed between.
I sang to Old Man Willow,
And he sang to me.

The sun rose and set and the stars
Wheeled through the dark.
I sang to the moon and he listened
And smiled to hear me.
Another heard, another stood in shadows,
In the summer nights.
In the winter, ice was glittering
Like stars in the black water,
And he watched.
In the spring when the young green
Of the leaves made my heart ache,
He found me at the water’s edge.

I saw his eyes, sky blue and knowing,
And my heart turned to him.
He set rings upon my fingers,
He clothed me in robes of thistledown,
He set lilies about my feet,
And set my chair before the fire
When the earth rolled to autumn
And the nights were chill.

Comes the spring and I wander
Down to Withywindle,
And I speak to mother-river,
And I call to father-wind.
Summer nights and the stars
Gleam in the velvet dark.
The moon’s face smiles through our window,
Spilling his silver light
Across us where we lie on our soft bed.
I sleep and dream of water
Flowing, and wind hushing through
The grasses on the hills.