For Frodo: the Darkness

Beyond my window the dark falls sweetly
On the summer lawns and pastures of the Shire.
The moon has not risen yet, but in the East
There is a glow behind the hills, where he waits.

It seems these nights will never end, it seems
The dark, though lightened by the stars and moon,
Will crush me. Beyond my window the dark
Is waiting, and the terror, and the old remembered pain.

And then the sun rises and the golden light spills
Across the floor and brightens every corner,
Except the shadowed corners of my heart. No light
Can enter there, no light can sweep the pain away.

What can I do, but endure? There is no cure for memory,
No touch can wipe away the scars, nor warm the cold
That creeps along my bones. One breath, and then another
And another, so my days wear away, with no tomorrow.

But once I saw, from some high hill beyond the lawns
And pastures of the Shire, the wide grey Sea, that fell
In long, foaming waves upon the lonely shore,
I saw, or maybe only dreamed, a ship with sails of white.

Is there a passage booked for me on that grey ship?
What coin would pay the fare? No gold nor silver
Weighs my pockets, but the freight of pain and fear
Now bows me down, and makes my feet step heavy.

I have paid. The ship will wait, I think, at the havens
Until I make my way there. My heart does not long
To stay at home, I am become a wanderer, a pilgrim;
I would go where peace awaits upon some distant shore.

That is my tomorrow, for there is none here, not for me.
Upon the ship I shall stand at the rail and watch the past
Slide away behind me. Then will I turn, and face the light
And see that new land rising, fair and green. 
- Vison