Celebrian to Elrond

A time there was when we walked together
In the Moonlight and in the Starshine.
Handfast, hearts beating in time,
Eyes seeing only each other.

Our love prospered and we were wed
On a summer eve under the light of Earendil.
We danced in the soft twilight
And stole away to be alone before the Moon rose.

Long did we live happy, heart pledged to heart.
I remember how you laughed with joy
When our sons were put into thine arms,
Thine eyes alight when first you saw our daughter.

Long years of bliss we lived, days and nights
And nights and days, in sweet converse.
We shared all, even our dreams,
And always did thy touch warm my blood.

Ever did my eyes love to dwell upon thy face,
My hands to stroke thy nightshade hair.
Ever did I love thee, and long to be with thee,
Never did I wish to leave thee.

It is not that I do not love thee still,
It is not that my heart has turned elsewhere.
But in this Middle Earth I have been broken,
And there is no cure for me on these shores.

One day my arms will hold thee close again,
One day the longing of my heart will be stilled,
And I will see thine eyes, and you will smile
To see me smiling at thee.

We will walk together once again
In the land of healing, and my step will meet with thy step
And my heart will beat with thy heart
And we will be lovers as we were so long ago.

- Vison