Arwen's Heart Speaks

- Vison
When first I saw it, the face on the moon
Was young and fair, and the stars were brighter.
When first I saw it, the sun shone more gold
And new leaves seemed green-lit from within.

Many times did I walk the turns of the earth
Around the days and years,
Many times did the moon wax and wane,
And did Earendil the Mariner
Sail his silver ship across the night sky.

White of winter, and shadows on the snow.
Green of spring, life blooming forth,
Gold of autumn, leaves swirling down to die,
I drifted dreaming as time spun on.

The years before you came lie empty,
Holding nothing but my solitude;
Dead leaves drifted in empty hallways,
While outside, the pale sun,
The fading, dying ailing sun,
Could not light the shadows away.

Then was the sun lit anew,
And the wind swept joyfully through
The trees, when first we met.
With you I see the moon’s young face
And fresh made stars all glittering.
Each little green-lit leaf unfurls in bliss,
Like my heart in the warmth of your love.