Arwen and Elrond

The sun sets there in the West,
Rays of scarlet and of gold light the sky.
Beyond the pavilions the hills roll away
Into the blue distance, fold upon fold.

Horses stamp their feet. Smoke rises
Into the evening air, sweet scented.
Somewhere a voice lifts in song,
All those near listen with delight.

But there is no song for me.
Though I have come to my heart’s desire
My joy is so entwined with heartache
That to feel nothing would bring me ease.

There is no turning back now, and no regret,
Unless it be regret that weights my soul.
Is it regret to wish that things might be other
Than they are, than I have made them?

This pain is the price of my love,
And I will pay it though it empties me.
Any good thing must be paid for,
And I will not now count the cost.

No cup is ever wholly sweet, you taught me that,
And also that the dregs must be poured away.
I will walk a path long appointed,
My doom to love until love’s end.

Tomorrow we will part, never to meet again.
Tomorrow wilt thou go away from me
Into the West, where the sun falls into the sea
And the stars touch the midnight water.

The straight road opens before thee.
Do you walk it, Father, with thine eyes fixed
Only on what is to come, the joys that await;
Think not of sadness, do not sorrow for me.

I will remain. My life and love are here,
And the future lies shining before me.
I will look to the East, to where the sun
Rises bright and new each morning.
- Vison