Strider Uncovered

Strider they called him, much hidden since birth.
But unknown to Hobbits would soon come the truth.
For Bilbo foretold of a great Dunadan,
But no-one forseen it was this tall straggly man.

A Ranger they said, and he hails from the North.
Bemused was the look from both Steward's heir and dwarve.

But elves they are wise and know much of this tale,
Legolas spoke freely and lifted the veil.
Allegiance was asked for, and some they did bow.
Boromir's pride crushed; did solemly vow.
"No king shall I stoop to; for Gondor is strong, without him my father has carried us long."

Now Aragorn stands beside Frodo and friends,
No kingdom is wished for, just One Ring to end,
all the malice and darkness of some time to come.
Where pain can no longer hurt dwarve, elf or man.

So Strider uncovered, and Aragorn free to follow the path of the Nine company...

- Viggolove