The Photograph
This was inspired by a photograph and a heavy snow fall in London.

It was beginning to snow again, just ever so lightly.

     Frodo fell onto his knees

            into the blanket of untouched snow that had already fallen.

              He looked up into the still night air and closed his eyes.

     The tiny snowflakes fell into the deep brown waves of his hair

            and onto the soft skin of his pale face.

 They twinkled like stars in the midnight sky.

       Serenity washed over him and, just for a moment he was able to forget.
- Sam Wood

Wandering through the wood
Ever lonely, but yet, ever loved.

No maiden he hath found
That makes his heart abound
To love and cherish
As he does his friends.

Maidens far and wide
Adore him, but yet,
True love alludes him.

Alas, a day will come
When a fair maiden shall appear,
And steal away the one elf's heart,
That we all love so dear.
- Fuu Greenleaf

A Poem for/about Dom

D ynamic actor
O rdinary he's not
M akes you laugh
I nteresting storyteller
N ose, how cute!
I nsane he can be
C harming

M outh, that sweet crooked smile
O ne of a kind
N o one can compare
A ccent, he has one
G rin, so cheeky
H air, always perfect
A lways spending time with his friends
N ice to all his fans
- DOMin8ed

Quick Poem for Legolas 

Tall and fair,
Strong and proud...

Ever listening,
Ever learning....

Never weary,
Never leary.....

You mystify my mind,
You elevate my soul.....

May you never be forgotten,
May you forever be on guard.
- Elizabeth

Vanity (of an Elf Prince)

He rose in Rivendell’s fresh morning air
And braided neatly his long golden hair.
He bathed his face with milk and cream,
Which gave to his skin a pleasant sheen.
And glossing his lips to make them shine
He declared, “By Elbereth, I’m fine!”

In Elrond’s council, a great debate
Was waged about the One Ring’s fate;
And when the Dunadan was slighted
The elf was only too delighted
To stand up tall and his friend defend,
Giving all the chance to ogle him!

It’s true, he may be slightly vain:
It is the most common of all Elven banes;
When you’re immortal and perpetually young
It’s hard not to gloat when your praises are sung.
Besides, there’s no way the dwarf can compare:
Has he ever taken a brush to that hair?

Yet don’t be hasty to give judgement or blame
To Legolas for such a trivial stain
Upon a character otherwise great:
His beauty, I fear, is his significant trait.
He’s a fine bowman, but so are most of his kin;
A Prince needs more to distinguish him.

A ring of power he does not possess,
Nor like the men of Westernesse
An ancient sword, studded with gems;
Or a house in the trees like the Galadhrim.
Neither is he wise like Elrond in lore:
He knew not the riddle of Moria’s door!

But with something else this Elf was blessed,
And far better it is than a trusty axe
Or sword or shield or Gondor horn:
Indeed, it’s a gift that makes others mourn.
For Legolas’ power lies in form and eye,
To make Elf and human girls swoon, weep, and sigh.
- Elenaur


Frodo the hobbit,
brave is thee,
move very sly,
swiftly among the trees

The ring-bearer are you,
going against Sauron,
Using your wits,
to out-smart that moron!

The cracks of doom,
alone stand keen,
throw in the ring,
and you'll be set free!

- Sauron's Rite-hand-man

Verses for Merry

Merry of Buckland
Heir to the Master
Leads forth his friends
To avoid much disaster.

"You can trust us to stick to you
Through thick and thin"
And indeed he'd be willing
To protect 'til the end.

Faithful this friend
To Frodo's great quest
Each path to survey
Each stranger to test.

His path went with Frodo
and Pippin and Sam
Through miles on forward
West and South lands.

Rivendell was
To be the last leap.
But he chose to press on
His friends he would keep.

He pressed on with diligence
Faithful and true,
Contributing companionship,
Intelligence, too.

It was his persistance
To press to the end
That fixed his broken will
After Amon Hen.

A loss of a new friend
A journey with an old
Brought them to Fangorn
Treebeard to behold.

Flotsam and jetsam
And Gandalf the White
And off to Rohan
Full of brand new insight.

He pledges allegiance
To a father and King
And soon he would ride
With the great Rohirrim.

A battle-worn body
And a tears from more loss
His heart sank quite low
And his spirit was tossed.

But his friends returned favor
As he healed from his wounds
His dearest friend Pippin
Lifted spirits anew.

The Ring was destroyed
No help from his sword?
No, think again,
For Merry deserves an award.

For his friends he would do it;
Would fight, kill, or die,
On his faithful leadership
His friends still rely.

Leading back to the Shire
His magnificence waxed great
Bringing hobbits together
To change their weak fate.

Now known is his leadership
Throughout Hobbit-kind
And Men still exault him
For his bravery and mind.

But he only did what
He thought was the best
To protect his dear friends
And hold off the rest.

To Merry, Magnificent,
Faithful and true
We lift our thanks up
for the things you did do.
- StefBrandybuck

-Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of the Silvan Elves-

O! Legolas, Prince Viherlehti
how long you have been away
Journeying far over mount and plain
when will you return? I cannot say

O! Legolas, Greenleaf long under tree,
I have sought you out through every land to the sea
Though long I have been away from home
though not half as long as thee

O! Legolas, my only love
fairest of hair and face
Your errands keep you long but soon
I hope you shall return in haste

O! Legolas, lover of song
the world is grey without thee
For no sound of water is sweeter than your voice
pray do not return the call of the sea

- Zanring

-Strength of the Hobbits-

When darkness descends and evil is close at hand,
the mighty will fall and the insignificant shall stand
The ones who hold the power to overcome,
are the ones of the smallest stature
When all hope has faded,
even the smallest person can change the course of the future

- Zanring

-Frodo, the Lonely Pilgrim-

Pilgrim how you journey,
on the road you chose
The future is uncertain,
your fate the wise don't know
You carry the weight of your promise,
the path you walk is long
Oh lonely weary traveler
journey on, journey on

It must be done alone,
that much you now know
You cannot change what's over
but only where you go
Will you find your way
in all you say and do?
One way leads to nowhere,
one can only be tread by you

Oh brave Pilgrim
do not give in to despair
Do not be afraid to go,
this burden you must bear
Your heart and soul are strong,
your will is shining true
Though faced with great perils,
the greatest of deeds you will do
Pilgrim on your journey
you may travel far
But Pilgrim it's a long way
to find out who you are

- Zanring

A Tribute to Dominic Monaghan

To many of us
you seemed to have appeared
from out of no where.
On that big screen
in the Fellowship of the Ring
you brought our Merry to life.
But as time moved on
I learned of the road
that you took to get
to where you are now.
After Sixth Form College
you got your first break
As a teenaged shop-lifter
turned private eye named Geoffrey
in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.
Then there was Sasha.
Young, innocent Russian submarine sailor
who watched helplessly as a friend
sacrificed his life to save the rest of the crew
in Hostile Waters.
poor, misunderstood Etienne.
To quote Legolas:
"For me the grief is still too near"
The emotions you brought to that role
in Monsignor Renard
always bring this she-elf to tears.
That brings us to This is Personal
with you as Jimmy Furey.
I wish I could tell the tale,
but, alas, I'm not from the UK
and still have yet to find it
here in the US.
And now, as the cliché goes,
All that hard work has paid off.
You've gotten your big break
and are one of the stars
in our beloved LOTR.
May your acting career road
Go ever on and on

- Legolas74

Une Poem de Gollum, j'aime

(a warped variation on a not very well known poem by an author whose name eludes me, [muffled cackle])

Gollum is my very best friend
He is always nice to me.
Many times we sit and hiss
Or jump about in senseless glee.
He might be a bit slow to get my jokes
And slippery when we hug
But Gollum's my very best friend
Slinky bug.

- Elethril

To Frodo!

Black Riders
Thump, thump, thump
They creep through day and night
Clop, clop, clop
To fight an evil fight
Thump, thump, thump
In black they dress to hide
Clop, clop, clop
Their ghostly forms inside

When they'll come, you never know
What they'll do, you cannot woe
When you see them run and hide
Frodo fears them from inside

Thump, thump, thump
They always feal the ring
Clop, clop, clop
Put it on and you'll hear them sing
Thump, thump thump
They scream in the night, songs aloud
Clop, clop, clop
They feal the ring, to its power their bound

When they'll come, you never know
What they'll do, you cannot woe
When you see them, run and hide
Frodo fears them from inside

Thump, thump, thump
The Black Riders or Nazgul so called
Clop, clop, clop
Mounted on black horses, with bodies mauled
Thump, thump, thump
Beware of them dear Frodo
Clop, clop, clop
They will kill you, this I know

When they'll come, you never know
What they'll do, you cannot woe
When you see them, run and hide
Frodo fears them from inside

- Lady Nurlhawen