A Song for Wormtongue

The bitter wind
Between snow and spring
Blows on the grassy tombs
Where princes lie.

Their glory is forgotten
Their house dishonoured
Like a worm in an apple
I have eaten it away.

No tomb for me
Should I fall
They would throw my bones
Into the pit.

Take, then
While they are not looking
Take what I want
What they would never give.

But what I really want
Is cold and white
As a spring snow
A star beyond my reach.

Tall and strong
And brave and free
All that I could never be
She would never look at me

Gone to war your cousin is
Gone to war your brother
Gone the tall, the brave, the free
You must seek another.

Her prison now the palace is
Her king and kin her jailor
I can weave a web of words
To at last ensnare her.

In the hall the banners stir
In the night-wind.
Born to cheat the minds of men
Why was I born to love?
- Varda