Are you listening
To the silence?
To the past,
Filling the Hall.
Are you listening
To the voices, calling.

Above the sound of battle
Keening, crying,
Voices of despair;
‘Elendil! The King is dead!’
Voices stinging like winter hail
‘Last of a ragged house
Long bereft of lordship…’

On leaving Rivendell,
Frodo’s gentle voice;
‘You’re coming with us,
Strider! I’m glad..’
Other voices, blaming me
When you went alone
Into the fire…

In the North, voices
Ragged in winter,
Singing in summer
Warrior ghosts asking
The age old question.
Why do you tarry here
While Gondor dwindles?

For me no grey ship
Just a green hill, watered
By tears. A royal title,
The honour of the Shire
All those things you lack
One by one I give them back
Till voices speak no more.
- Varda