Traitor's Hour

A city built on seven levels
Full of folk I never met.
Plainlands held by warlike horsemen
Friends at home I can't forget.

None of them, not even Bilbo
Matters now the slightest bit.
And I have crossed the world for nothing
For now I can't be rid of it.

Where is Sam gone now, I wonder?
And why do I no longer care?
Is he dead or is he living?
All I want is what I bear.

He harassed me to do my duty
Like the wizards, men and Elves
Push me to the brink and over
Yet they do not risk themselves.

For now I have been taken over
Overwhelmed and beaten down
No strength but what the Ring will give me
All desire in it is found.

All my past and all my memories
Burnt away like summer rain
All my love and all my laughter
Never more to come again.

If I cannot now have freedom
Let me now instead have power
Gone the Shire’s sunny morning
Now the traitor’s darkest hour.

- Varda