Tell Me Everything

 ‘Tell me everything!’
I cried on that sunny day
So long ago.
And if you had
Would I have still said yes?

Twilight fills the woods
Friend calls to friend
Going home.
They don’t know
The horror of the dark.

Rain comes on a cold wind
Out of the East
Where men fear to go
Even now, even armed.
Where I went
With just a sword, and a star
And a friend.

Thunder wakes me
Or is it the past?
Climbing up
Out of the grave of time
To seize me.

The children are crying
Sam will hush them
Walking round and round
Holding them tight
As he once did for me.

Children of a race
No longer mine
In a land
No longer home
Let me go.

I close the door one last time
And think of Gandalf.
I am beyond your wisdom now.
Into the dark again,
No sword this time, no friend.
But a sky full of stars.

- Varda