Slip Away

Slip away now
Quietly, not quickly
While the fire still burns
In which I
Tested the Ring.

Open the door
Into the night, grey-blue
From the moon on the hill
And all the Shire
Sprinkled with stars

Memory, a sword in my heart.
The parlour where Sam
Learned to read, where Bilbo
Dreamed of dragons. There
Are worse than dragons.

In the high-backed chair
Gandalf, blowing smoke-rings,
Waiting, knowing.
‘You must go away..’ he said.
And so I must.

I could be angry.
I who was robbed,
Not rewarded.
Fireflies in the dusk
Become the eyes of demons.

I know that I am sick
And never will be well
This side of the Sea, so
Bring down the knife on pain
And let me slip away.
- Varda