A Plain Simple Hobbit

Steady on, Sam Gamgee
Don’t get mad. You’re only
A hobbit, a plain simple
Hobbit. What do you know?

I know he bears scars
A small white mark
On his shoulder,
Always cold.

A red spider-bite,
Only monstrous, enough
To kill all on its own.
And the lines of the whip.

The torn hand that
He always hides as if
Ashamed, he who was
Brave beyond princes.

They never mentioned that,
The great ones, Elrond,
Gandalf, they never
Warned me.

You’re a fool, Sam Gamgee!
Had they shown you the rack
And you upon it, fire, flood and
Foemen, still you would have gone.

But this was unprophesied
To only watch, and from afar
To feel each bitter mile.
Heart’s keeper lain in dust.

How angry I was! I
Who had no lore, only love
And his sad smile at parting
Forbidding me to grieve.

- Varda