The Silver-Rimmed Shield

I never saw a thing so fine
So fiery and so fierce
Even in the gloomy halls
Of Orthanc, where I was spawned.
A wizard's sport, no sport for me
So kill, and kill, and let it be

A man more tall than me
And I was made taller than men
And armed and brave,
And so too was I then
When in the green and golden glen
I fought Prince Boromir

He forked an orc upon his sword
Another throttled with his hand
And trampled them beneath his feet
And scattered all their ragged band
No orc am I
No cave-born rat but like a man
Warlike, cunning-wise
In mockery of the men
The men who mock the Elves.

So from the fires came I
And from the halls came he
A princely chief of stately realm
A city fair to see
Knew I all, cared I nought
Made by a jealous lord
Who dominion sought
Over everything on earth.

What care I for orcs?
What care I for men?
My lordly master made me grim
And powerful beyond ken
In combat fair my skill and power
My eye that sees both day and night
Was not enough to overcome
The mighty chief who bore the shield
The silver-rimmed shield, and the horn.

So from the hill and from the height
And with an arrow keen and black
The warrior I laid full low
And to his city and its towers
There is no going back.

Long ages since that day have passed
Long ages since I turned to dust
Destroyed with my maker, more
Cursed than he who cursed me.
My song not even the winter wind
Remembers now, a black bone
Among bleached ribs, bare
On the mountains, while he
Whose blood I let, his song
Fills the halls, sweetens the harp,
Lulls the babe, and lifts the heart.

- Varda