The Road Goes Ever On

The Road goes ever, ever on
Down from the books where it began
Through three films it winding ran
Now pause we and wonder 'is this the end?'

Through seige and battle and journey far
Elf and dwarf their feuds forgot
Man and wizard common cause
Made and met and loved, and lost.

And so for us in war and peace
We vowed when all was said and done
Evil overthrown and battle won
We each in friendship still would fare.

The stars shine on the Western Sea
But yet for us there is no leaving
That fellowship we here have found
In a tale of magic weaving.

When at last he had to go
Frodo said these words to Sam
So let us take them as our vow
So we the journey can prolong;

'There is so much for you to do
To feel, to live, to learn, to know;
In love and fellowship then let us go
And then the Road will have no ending.....'

- Varda