For Sam

A promise in war-time
Like a dragon's wing
made to last forever
In peaceful Rivendell
Made to each other
Like brother to brother
That never we two
Would part from each other

Long nights by your bedside
I watched in the firelight
The stars in the morning
Were no paler to see.
I'll never leave you
A promise unspoken
Though lost in your dreaming
You knew nothing of me.

‘Well, Sam!’ said old Gandalf
‘Not in vain is your patience
Nor less than Lord Elrond
Has your healing care been!’
For you woke in the morning
On fine silken covers
Quite lost in white linen
And laughing at me.

Your hand in mine tightly
I held without thinking
And recked not the shadows
I read in your face
For then you embraced me
And smiled and spoke gaily
And from hunting nightmare
I thought you were free.

But when just a few days
Had passed in the sunlit
Realm of the Elves of
The Last Homely House.
You stood by the mirror
And saw yourself wasted
And no longer smiling
You said this to me;

‘I’ll here make a promise
To the best of all hobbits’
Together, or never
We'll come back at evening
Not I without you
Or you without me’
No Elf of Lothlórien
Or servant of Elrond
Was nobler or fairer
Or wiser than he. 
- Varda