The Red Book

He took me one evening
And showed me a book.
The Red Book.
‘My life here is over’
He said.’Now this book
Is yours..’

It seemed impossible.
It still does. The sky
Was all blue and gold,
Peace lay on the land
Like a dream and yet
He had to leave..

Bilbo started it
But really
It was Frodo’s book.
His tale, his life, his Quest.
I was just a footnote
The last witness.

He said;
‘It’s about the War, Sam ‘
But it was about the Ring.
He just couldn’t say the word
Except at night, woken
By terror that never left him.

I remember I cried, and
He held me, saying;
‘Don’t weep, Sam!’
But he wept too.
‘It’s not my story any more
And so I give the Book to you…’

- Varda