If I was honest
I don't know why I went
If I was honest
I don't know what it all meant
If I was honest

'I'm coming too!'
Running after the wain
On a summer's day,
Setting off for the pool
At Bywater, and the

But picnics end in rain
Summers end in snow
Days end in dark
'I could kill you if I wanted to'
He said, drawing a sword
Taller than me.

'Hold on, Pippin!'
Merry told me, so I did.
Knuckles bloodied, arms aching.
You bitter little fool
Do you still want to come too?

'You are the one
who saw my son die?'
He died for me.
Pay what you owe,
Master Peregrine.
A life for a death.
Now you have to come too.

No ale, no beer, no welcome.
Only sweet water
And the smell of the Shire,
Woodsmoke, meadowflower, home.
'I'll never leave again!'
'Perhaps' said Merry smiling
'Perhaps, in the end
You'll come too.'

- Varda