Never Dare

No more trust to love
No more trust to hate
Trust to power alone
To carve a city's fate.
The Steward of Gondor had two sons
Now both of them are gone.

Gone the fair and fragile bird
Once I called my wife.
Orcs and imps and helms of steel
Cast shadows on her life
In Faramir a look or move
Her memories revive...

Below me burns the city
Seven rings of fire
Above me stands the Tower,
Shining from afar
And hope is further now from us
Than is the furthest star.

In armour cold and hard I sleep
Crush old limbs in icy steel
Hours long and late I keep
Bend all freedoms to my will.
From a line that should be kings
Like a king I thunder still.

In the mountain lie their tombs
Marble black and winter cold
Cold as Boromir my son
With a river for his tomb.
Seven levels, all in flames
Let us burn together then.

You who came late to this strife
Never dare to judge my life.

- Varda