Jade and Amber

 A poem for Pippin

Jade and amber
Amethyst and pearls
Diamonds from the starry sky
Are set upon my tomb.
Friend to Elves
And friend to Men
To King and Steward
The time has come
To bid you all farewell.

How far away
The Shire seems now.
Leafy lanes and russet-red
Orchards in the fall.
And wains going home
In the harvest dusk.
These songs lie
Quiet in my heart
I bid them all farewell.

The wake of the ship
That took Frodo away
Shone in the evening
Under the stars
Like firelight on glass.
When we lit the lamps
And shut the door
He was closer,
Not further away.

Come away with me, Merry
For the Shire
No longer is our home.
Under strange skies
Let us remember,
Sleeping in amethyst
My name on your heart,
And swords by our sides
Like Princes. 
- Varda