A Song for the Elves who did Not go Away

No more myths
And no more legends
Only a long grey road
Winding into night.

Gone are friends,
Gone are family
Gone are Elves and Dwarves and Wizards
Gone the fabled age of light.

When the Sea sings
On the pebbled shore
And we yearn for rest
Why did we not leave too?

In an age of steel
Not stars, of fires
Not forests, who
Ever thought we could survive?

A curlew calling
At break of day
And we cannot turn away.

A deep forgotten pool
Held fast by frost
Hides an Elven sword.

The harpist in exile
Picks out those strands
For story never ends.

And who can say
What age was ours? Poetry
Makes every age its own.
- Varda