I am a dream
Haunting your sleep
Like a restless ghost
So close your eyes
And dream of me.

Over the cold tide
The Elves have sailed.
‘Leave grief and death behind
And come with us!’ But for me
That was death indeed.

The Elven kingdoms have become
The lairs of foxes. Their names
Legends by the fireside.
Their song is silence
Yet still I yearned to sing.

I am a light no longer
To those of Elven kind
Into a mortal hand
Of sinews and of blood
I placed my star.

Let us two surpass
Our mighty ancestors.
All the glittering kingdoms
Of elves and men
We will outshine.

Such love cannot dwindle
Sealed upon our hearts
And when in death
You close your eyes
I will still be your dream.

- Varda