Éomer Brought Théodred Home

Clouds chase the sun
Over endless plains
Yet we outraced them.
On fiery bay and greyling swift
Together across the Mark.
Friends and rivals
Lords of love and war
Till night claimed the sky
And stars shone
On a sea of grass.

In the Golden Hall
The banners hang
Before the battle
The trumpets rang.
Legends to challenge
Our pride, the white horse
Flying free. Never
Outdone, never outfought,
Never outrun, bright as a thought
Éomer and Théodred.

What made you leave
Without me, riding off
To war? To show
Your mettle
In the muddy waters
Of Isenford. To prove
You were better.
To die alone.

Wishes are the North Wind
Scorching with tears.
Had I only been there
Had you only waited.
Instead I came too late
Lifting you out of the stream
Your blood on my hands.
All summers cold, all
Races run. All tears in vain.
Éomer brought Théodred home.

- Varda