I Do Believe

I do believe that I
Had wizards not presumed
Would now be sitting fast asleep
In a cosy, firelit room.
Too fat to be annoyed, unless
By children stealing pears
Or rainfall cold in June..

Nothing in this quiet land
Holds power to frighten me
A firework dragon or a tale
To terrify the weak.
But sometimes in that secret hour
Just before the dawn.
I leave behind all peaceful sleep
And turn again to dream…

Then shapes of grey in caverns stir
And nameless beasts arise
To hound me down the endless night
Unseen to comrades’ eyes.
Alone, afraid, I wake again
And find the winter dawn
Untouched and cool, unsullied by
The nightmare’s trailing claw.

The peace that in the Shire lives now
No longer lives in me.
With yearning bitter I am wrought
With phantom eyes I see
With endless darkness I have fought
Let morning carry me
Across the rivers of my home
And far beyond the Sea…

- Varda