Back at Last

Back at last!
Through fire and flood
From orc and troll
By sword and blood
We see again
The twilight fall
On Hobbiton.

I never thought
And nor did you
That we would stand
Under the beeches
In the lane
That runs away
To Crickhollow.
The only screech
The hunting owl
Under the stars.

Don't light the lamp!
I better still
Can see your face
By moonlight.
Back at last
You came with me
But not for long.

The winds in autumn
Gathering leaves
Will whisper their names
Boromir, Théodred
And Théoden lord of horses.
A grassy grave to weep by
And flowers on the stream.
But not for you.
No harp song for the brave.
Back you came at last
But only passing through.

This is dedicated to Cathy's little boy
- Varda