Arwen to Aragorn

Silk on my skin,
A great fire warming
The mirrored hall
Safe from the clawed wind
While you wandered the night.

You smelt of the open air
Of woods in winter,
Uplands, marshlands,
Secret lairs, desperate flights,
Of steel and leather.
You smelt of war.

Through the minstrels' gallery
Along the columned hall
Watched by the honoured past
Your boots trailed mud.
Born to velvet,
You were clad in mail.

Blood on your cheek
A cut in battle
Born a king
Your hands were hard
As the hands of a slave.
Your heart imprisoned
In a song of long ago.

Forever keep an endless silence
Forever watch a dying fire.
For one rough sweet kiss
From a man born to die
I traded eternity.

- Varda