Frodo On Amon Hen

Up the stone steps
To the lonely height
That sees all the world
Just a hobbit of the Shire
In the seat of Kings.

I want to lose myself
In dreams of the past
But a cold wind blows away
All reverie and I see
The world laid bare in war.

Armies of the night
Cover the earth in darkness
And I, cause and consequence,
Must turn the wheel of fire
With my own hand.

Broken oaths and captured kin
My fault, all mine
Mine and The Ring.
I must go on
Into the East alone.

'Take off the Ring!'
Commands a ghostly voice
That once was Gandalf
Without it I am cast
Into the cold world, forlorn.

All around are mountains
I share the sky with eagles
Better go alone!
Some I love too much
To take into the night with me

- Varda