The Last Aisling

A man from the bog
From the Bogside even
Has gone to stay
With the Elves.
To fight their wars,
Keep their vigils,
And sing their songs.
The Children of Lír
Sail into the West
And the last aisling is given
To a teacher of English

A seanachie in Rivendell,
Reciting the Lay
Of Lúthien the Fair.
Cúchulainn’s bright chariot
On the Pelennor Field
The drinking match with
Boromir the Brave
A sweet and parting lament
For Frodo the gentle-hearted
And Samwise the gardener
Renewing the land.

The gossamer republic
Of the mithril realm.
The Last Homely House
And Rosie Cotton dancing.
The High Kings of Gondor
Sleep in the fairy fort.
The Black Bull of Connaught
Battles Sauron's Ring
In Oisín’s magic twilight
And starlit Lórien
Our feet will find the pathway
And the story never ends.
- Varda