The World of the Lord of the Rings

- TruElvenPrincess

There is a place, far far away
And where it begins or ends, I cannot say.
But those who have been there are never again the same
Those who have heard the tale of the Ring called Isildur's bane.
In Middle-Earth, they've traveled to all the lands
Turning the pages of the books with very eager hands
Seeing all the magic vividly in our minds.
And now in the theater, this is what we find:
We find the adventure brought to life, the beauty before our eyes.
The movie and the book brought together, bound with unbreakable ties.
A world of wonder has been created, never to be lost.
We want to stay forever in this world, no matter what the cost.
A world of awe, wonder, and beauty
We wish others could see what we see.
A world of strength, hope, love, and loyalty.
A world of courage, joy, friendship and royalty.
A world of Elven princesses and Gondorian kings
This is the world of the Lord of the Rings.
This is the world where wonder will never leave
This is the world where so many believe.
In our hearts, the story will forever be.
Truth be told, the majesty we will always see.
A world where Elves, Dwarves, hobbits, wizards and Men dwell,
And if it is all truly real, even the wisest cannot tell