The Eyes of Greenleaf

- TruElvenPrincess

The eyes of this Elf have seen many years.
And those years so short, they seem like days.
Those days scattered with smiles and tears.
And the tears hurting in so many ways.

He was chosen as one to represent his race.
On a journey that would lead him far beyond.
With a strong heart and determination in his face,
He and the company departed from Elrond.

These eyes keep searching for trouble anywhere
Sensing the danger and warning the rest.
These eyes see so much, with the way they stare.
Giving so much to this deadly, perilous quest.

But when tragedy comes, these eyes shed no tears.
Even for the loss of a friend close as a brother.
In his eyes, kept hidden, are his hurt and his fears.
Perhaps hiding more pain than any other.

The terror in his face, the grief in his eyes.
The hurt from the death of someone so dear.
Hidden deep inside his silent cries.
Saying "For me the grief is still too near."

At the end, his eyes have seen so much more.
But he keeps most of these things to himself.
He left with the Dwarf, to see brand new shores.
And he leaves as a much stronger and wiser Elf.