A Gardener's Tools

LotR Object: Sam's tools

A gardener's tools
Weeding, tilling, trimming
Always being cared for
I am never left out to rust

A beautiful garden
Roses and marigolds bold
I dig and I sow
As he grasps me tightly in his sun browned hands

But now, for once, I sit alone
Overnight, in the dark
That is alright though
I will work on this garden tomorrow again

Days and nights pass
Has he forgotten?
Weeds grow tall, flowers are scarce
I long to work in the sun again

I see before me
Destruction, cruelty, sadness
Where has he gone? My gardener?
His beautiful Roses are gone

Once again am I used
But the hands now are cold
Digging up the last of the color
For evil now my use is abused

A gardener's tools
I thought I'd never be again
Until I felt the warmth of his hand
The sun is shining, he has come home

A beautiful garden
Full of color, as before
But life has been breathed anew
Memory and grandeur grows here now, of places far and beautiful

- Tori*Took