Speaking to Merry

I see you start to weep
your best friend is leaving you
my own heart leaps
and I start to cry too

Frodo is going to white shores
you know that that is best for him
your heart aches, it is sore
to want him all for yourself is a sin

You have known him since you were a lad
he was the one you always looked up to
He was always so comforting when you were sad
and who helped him when Lobelia wouldn't leave? it was you.

The journey you went on was too long
you worried for him when he went on alone
He accomplished a feat that would be remembered in song
you cheered and then weeped, afraid he would not live to see home

The happiest moment you had
was seeing your cousin well again
you jumped up onto his bed
and told of all the orcs you have slain

But now he is leaving
Never to be seen in Middle Earth again
A last embrace and your tears are streaming
soaking his shoulder, a part of you with him you will send

Memories cause you to smile
as the ship passes into the west
you are calming down all the while
he is healing, he now is able to rest

- Tori*Took