Smeagol's Curse

I have the power within my grasp
A Stoor I am, my heart is strong

He is dead now but the ring is mine
A Stoor I am, my heart is strong

Why do I *gollum* get such strange looks?
A *gollum* I am, my heart is strong

Exiled from them, but the preciouss is mine
In the darkness I am, Heart cringing through light

Gloom and dank, but it'ss all mine
Who am I, with my heart of stone?

preciouss Taken from me, beaten for clues
Bagginss iss he, Peirce his cruel, stealing heart

now we followss, the masster and stupid fat hobbit
Smeagol I am? masster'ss heart is kind

feelings change, master is our friend!
Trickssey he iss! fool you he will!

master trickssed us? it was the fat hobbitsss fault!
trusst him no more, take them to her!

Yess! Yess! the power again will be in my grassp!
*gollum* we are, suffering, sneaking, stinking heart.

- Tori*Took