He is Samwise Gamgee

An ode to Sam/Sean

He is Samwise Gamgee

He went on a journey
He could never forget
It affected the lives of many
Not quite knowing what he got himself into
He is Samwise Gamgee

A mighty protector
Cradling his companion
Mind always on the safety of his friends
He won’t joke around when something is in danger
He is Samwise Gamgee

A father and husband
He loves all things that grow
His children trust and look up to him with pride
Love and devotion flow from his wife
He is Samwise Gamgee

Always quite humble
Though his courage is great
He hardly gives himself the credit
Which he so greatly deserves
He is Samwise Gamgee

The sweetest gentleman
A wonder, Sean Astin
His is the leader of all the Goonies
And although some chant ‘Rudy’ as he passes
He truly is Samwise Gamgee

- Tori*Took