Here is a Story Quite Merry

Here is a story quite merry
about a hobbit who's feet were quite harry
this Hobbit's name was not Larry
His name really was Merry

He loved all things fun
and games he always won
he smoked and drank a ton
and sang till the day was done

The most trouble he ever had
was like that of any lad
With the lasses he flirted a tad
but they would laugh and make him sad

But this hobbit Merry really was cute
His dark eyes were a beaut
His curls bouncy and his laugh like a flute
and he looked quite handsome when he dressed up in a suit

Now this is the end of my tale
I hope you enjoyed it without fail
Merry got a splinter in his nail
But he made it all better with a full pint of ale!
- Tori*Took