A Poem for JRRT on his Eleventy first Birthday

There are days when I feel like I'm on a journey
One much like Frodo and Sam's
there is doubt from the people I know
Those Sackville-Baggins who don't believe

They don't believe that it's possible to love
characters from a fairy tale
and I used to think in the ways they did
"It's only a story" I would say

But then something happened
that I did not expect
something that would change my life
I entered the theater and was blown away.

I found these characters who fought for love
who had something to live for
I found these lands which showed much beauty and grace
And I wanted apart of this majesty

I then picked up The Lord of the Rings books
and became enveloped in the story
of hobbits, elves, dwarves, and men,
wizards both good and bad

I learned more about this wonderful man
who wrote this amazing story
of love and the strength to go on.

It taught me how to love things
that aren't exactly real
to follow in these footsteps
and go after the things I believe in

And although people around give me a hard time,
think I'm nuts, and tease me,
i know that i have something they don't

A passion for something besides every other normal thing
A hope inside me that says I can handle all that comes my way
A love for These people who most don't even know or care about
A relationships with those I’ve met that understand what i feel

Though there were many who helped this dream come true,
this story come alive,
those who worked behind the scenes and on set deserve a lot of the credit
But nothing could have been done, or been created without that one man.

Thank you John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

- Tori*Took