I Was There

Just watched the second part of Fellowship.....still blown away....when boromir dies...*another tear* I still weep....
and the whole time I kept thinking "I wish I was a part of this! I don't care about the hardships...I wish I coulda been there to help and all that!"

This is a poem I thought up to help explain it better, though I don't think it will do justice..

I was there
to dance and laugh
to enjoy the beautiful sun
feel the grass beneath my feet
hold the blossoms within my hands

I was there
to walk the paths
catch one last glimpse of home
too far away for me to see
hope is not yet gone

I was there
to feel so confused
I don't feel joy in things I once did
I have grown up too fast
I wish this all would end

I was there
to comfort a friend
whose soul was beginning to die
holding his hand
wishing that it was

I was there
to find a friend
I had thought was so evil
love and care I feel for him now
friendship never breaking

I was there
to mourn his death
a father he was to me
I will avenge his death
kill the foe; risk my own life for him

I was there
to heal the sick
hoping for one last breath
Eowyn fair, Merry so small
Faramir, important of all

I was there
to feel the love
I thought belonged to one man
another now I look upon
so valiant, wise, strong

I was there
to feel the hate
I felt of one I once loved
The ring is mine-my only love
Why is it this you want to take?

I was there
to comfort your hurts
evil no longer will follow
but pain and foul memories
shall desturb and destroy

I was there
to see his joy
so long it has been since I've seen that smile
his love for her will heal his wounds
what is left to heal mine?

I was there
watching him go
leaving his pain behind
tear slips down each of our faces
It's over, the fellowship is gone

I was there
I felt the joy
the pain, bravery, sorrow
of Hobbits, and Elves
of Dwarves and Men

Please do not say that this is end
I will go there and back again
Tears have fallen and love has been felt
when it is all gone, what will I do?
In Dreams we will meet again.

*Tori continues to cry as she listens to the song 'Samwise the Brave'* don't forget Tolkien!
He after all, was the Iluvatar...the creator of Middle Earth....but I forgot two important verses!

I was there
to watch him grow
while pain I felt my own
I wish I did not have to pass it to him
His spirit is strong-my adventure is done

I was there
To fight for my city
pride and strength endures
but i fear I have failed
I shall die, I hope the hobbits do not

((((Tolkien))))) you were an amazing person!

- Tori*Took