My Hope

In the bitter watches of night
I hear the ring calling
And all is lost
My hope, my faith, my courage
But for one small glance
To a brave hobbit beside me
My soul, too, would be gone

Sweet Samwise Gamgee
He is the Shire for me
Eyes that still shine through the mist
A smile that still warms my heart through the cold
When he speaks, his words, though simple
Give more courage than he could ever know
Or ever take credit for

All I need is one touch
A touch from his soft, sun-browned hand
Leading me from terror
Bringing me back to the Shire
Its lush green hills, and beautiful flowers
I remember its beauty and simplicity only
In the touch of a gardener's hand

My gardener, my servant
But so much more than that now
If only he could see he is
My friend, my companion
A brother he is to me
Samwise the Brave
Worth far more than you know
I love you
YOU are what is precious to me

- Tori*Took