The End of All Things

As they climbed the steep path,
They had no hope of turning back,
No provisions in their bag,
Just one thing on Frodo and Sam’s mind,
To get the ring into the fire.
Frodo had but other thoughts,
“Why don’t I keep it?!”
He couldn’t resist and stood by the wall,
Sam couldn’t do anything but grieve.
And then he came,
“my precious”
Gollum took the ring and destroyed it
Along with himself.
This was his price to pay.
This was his part to play,
As Gandalf had foreseen.
A creature gnarled by evil.
On their last thread of life
The two Hobbits stood there,
Almost engulfed in fire
Thinking it was all over,
Glad to be side by side.
They could not see the new age
Fought by many and two.
Alas the eagles came,
There was no more to do.
- Tom Cotton