The Keep

The King of the Golden Hall,
Sits in his throne with a poisoned mind.
Until Gandalf the Gray comes to him,
And destroys the evil in him with all that is kind.

At that point Saruman gets word,
That Edoras will emty,
The people flee to Helm's Deep,
Which might soon be a cemetary.

But then the Wargs come,
And for Aragorn this means trouble,
He battles with a Warg,
And off the cliff he takes a tumble.

But the blessing Arwen,
Saves his life once more,
And as he rides to Helm's Deep he sees Saruman's army,
More than a score.

So on Brego the Horse he rides as fast as he can,
To warn the people of Rohan,
To helm's Deep he rides,
For he fears for the fate of Man.

He enters the Keep,
And hears no happiness nor song,
He warns the King,
There are Uru-kai coming, at least ten thousand strong!

So men prepare for battle,
But fear for the worst.
But just then reinforcements come,
And their hearts practically burst.

Now the Elves have arrived!
To honour the Alligiance,
No longer do they look kind,
Nor do they sing, laugh or dance.

But still Men and Elves are loosing,
In the Battle of Helm's Deep,
The children are crying,
And the women all weep.

Men and Elves,
Fighting the way they did of old,
All dying together,
They fight the way they did when everything was cold.

They fight and die together,
But one is not there,
Where has Gandalf gone,
We have no time to spare.

Then on the first light of the fifth day,
Aragorn looks to the east.
There he is, with the Rohirrim at his back,
The people the Uruks want to see the least.

Then all cry out in victory,
For Men and Elves have won,
But many have died,
And many are gone.

The Battle for Helm's Deep is over,
The Battle for Middle-Earth is about to begin,
This battle will be tough,
But we have to win