Where Are You, Evenstar

Where are you, Evenstar,
So fare and gleaming,
Where are you, Evenstar,
So beautiful, your hair streaming.

Where have you gone,
To distant lands of beauty?
Where have you gone,
Will you please remember me.

On the shores of Valinor,
The Undying Lands,
An Elven ship arrives once more,
And new feet trod on the sands.

There in Valinor you shall not die,
And never weep nor cry,
You will sing and dance,
But you only have this one chance.

You will live in happiness there,
And I will become but a dream,
You will forget me,
Our love will become just a memory.

You give me your jewel,
And take on a mortal life,
You must not do this,
Death stings like a knife.

I will grow old,
And you will do the same,
Go with your people,
Stop playing this game.

As I take on the Quest,
And leave you far behind,
You stick to your decision,
And you've made up your mind.

You saved me many times,
From almost certain death,
You gave me your blessing,
That's what helped me liveth.

Men are loosing,
In the battle of Helm's Deep,
The children are crying,
And the women all weep.

But just in time the Elves arrive,
To honour the Alligiance,
No longer do they look kind,
Nor do they sing, laugh, or dance.

Men and Elves,
Fighting the way they did of old,
All dying together,
They fight the way they did when all was cold.

They fight and die together,
But one is not there,
Elrond sent the Elves,
But of his daughter, to much he cares.

She is on her ship,
Soon Aragorn will learn,
She is on her ship,
Never to return.

- Tirinwe