I wait for you

in the deepening gloom

Silent as the lonely mallorn

I watch the path your feet tread.

Waiting for the day

I will find you in my arms

The tears will heal our wounds

To bring us under the star-lit trees

My last chance to turn away

Into the bliss, leave my despair

For to remember your face

is my curse and

my desire.

Why our love mustn't be

To burden yourself with our pain

I turn away, diminish eternally

searching for last hope in

cold and forsaken lands

Falling into the lonely woods

Winter bare

where the niphredil bloom.

No, don't forget my face

I shall not leave

One last kiss before we pass

take my hand

Valar blessed

While our grief falls

revealing the hidden light

Soft and gentle shine the stars

Upon the crest of Cerin Amroth

I utter your name

one last breath...

- Tinuviel