Sestina by Tinidril

- Tinidril

This is a sestina about Frodo's feelings on the road to Bree, or Rivendell or... I know it doesn't quite follow the events of any single encounter with the Ring Wraiths, but I hope you will allow me some artistic latitude... ;) I suppose it follows the intense emotional tone of the movie more than the book.

I stepped one foot into the way
A road upon which few had gone
Yet though the traffic had been light
Still it looked a well-trodden path
Smooth and gentle ran its course
Out from my door to ways unknown

Then both feet took to roads unknown
Eagerly they paced the way
Padding down the shady course
Until the setting sun was gone
And shadows pooled along the path
Gathering dusk from the fading light.

Beneath the vault of starry light
I heard the horse of one unknown
Come clipping, clopping up the path
I quickly stepped out of its way
To watch and wait 'til it was gone
Not wanting to be seen, of course.

I heard it travel down the course
Unhindered by the lack of light
It seemed to sense where I had gone
Which filled me with a dread unknown
And gripped my spirit in a way
That made my foot forget its path.

Now the creature left the path
And following my winding course
It seemed to sniff and scent its way
Without benefit of any light
My hand was moved by a will unknown
I tried to stop, but my will was gone.

A Elbereth, though my strength is gone
Hear my cry on this lonely path
Save me from a terror unknown
And put my feet back on the course
That I may live to see the light
Of dawn come leaping o'er the way.

By some power unknown is my enemy gone
I now find my way is a shining path
And I steer my course back into the light.